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Use the Code for the Class you Belong to:
Horne tahgnu
Parsons dzw7y8
Raleigh h083qw
Krien   zkgtqx
Sams 1m6ay7
Mendez 4cufpb
Johns 3jn5vj
Friday MS Tech         6wp7f0
Thursday MS Tech ljx5d8
Wednesday MS Tech rsd3cn
Tuesday MS Tech a2ohet
Monday MS Tech 5pogq2

Badges will be awarded to students throughout the year. 
Please keep in mind that Edmodo is a social network that keeps your information private to our C2E bubble, and is very secure. 
The conversations on Edmodo are for education only. This is a tool not a toy. Any inappropriate posts will be deleted and the User will be removed from Edmodo: one strike you are out.